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Artisia Token: The Ultimate Art Tokenizing Platform with a Vast Collection

Adam Robertson • Jan 07, 2021

The artworld is one of the most profitable industries today. For instance, according to Wikipedia, the Salvator Mundi piece by Leonardo DaVinci is worth about $469 million. However, with high values come many risks. 

For instance, there are increasing risks of getting scammed or getting overpriced arts in the market. Such risks hinder the industry's growth since new art lovers with no money do not access the right pieces of art. 

A new platform, Artisia token, is rising, aiming to provide the ultimate solution to these issues clouding the art ecosystem and ease access to the best art piece. 

Artisia Token

Artisia token is a blockchain-based network bringing a wide range of solutions to the art collection industry and the crypto industry as a whole. This platform is foremost collecting some of the world's best art pieces, with pieces from former high ranking art producers like Donatello, Michelangelo, Monet, Picasso, Modigliani, Dalí. 

The art collected therein will be community-owned; thus, more people will have access to the world of art. Although it focuses on art, the network aims to connect many investors in different fields to complete a higher purpose. The platform introduces its Art token, ARTZ, which will ease art purchase and ownership. 

ARTZ Token

The Artisia platform hubs its native token dubbed ARTZ, the primary currency powering this platform and assisting in service delivery. Although the ARTZ token was initially launched as a payment option, it's currently upgrading to a security token, aimed at allowing users to acquire valuable art. As a security token, therefore, ARTZ tokens will be backed by the Artisia art collection.

This token will be at the centre of every art purchase and sale in the Artisia ecosystem, and as such, will be highly demanded. It aims to support social undertakings like ecological, artistic, and charitable. To show their commitment to philanthropic benefits, Artisia will donate 3% of each transaction value to the Artisia Foundation' ARTZ In Action', thus helping fund various social projects globally.

How Does it Work?

The Artisia platform using the ARTZ token has already secured acquisitions, with a combined value of more than 1 billion dollars with several art pieces that garners different art types at their market. Persons who love the arts, philanthropists, and other top investors invest in the ARTZ token. 

To ultimately end scams in art selling, the platform ensures these token buyers and art sellers are positively verified. The ARTZ token will be easy to acquire in DEX platforms, like Uniswap and other centralised exchanges shortly. A token holder will use the token depending on their needs, either as a medium of exchange or convert them to security tokens within the Artisia platform. Soon Artisia will launch a staking and farming opportunity courtesy of their collaboration with their NFT partners from ADORS

Post the tokens' registration, Artisia opens various platforms globally, where they will easily exhibit all art purchased for people to see. 

Unlike the many arts displayed in some limited locations, mostly in the well-developed countries globally, the Artisia platform will display its pieces in countries where people are most interested in art. It will be easy to access even some of the most expensive arts and take a minute to admire. 

Some of Artisia's contracted artworks are already in public and prestigious venues in different countries. For instance, the Michelangelo art collection is in Dallas, The Museum of Biblical Art. The Dali pieces, on the other hand, are in Switzerland, The Dali universe

This art will regularly rotate to ensure many ARTZ holders get the opportunity to enjoy some of the best artwork. Persons can redeem their tokens at any time.

Benefits of One Pool

Artisia allows people of all classes to own a fraction of its art collection or fractionalized ownership to a specific piece. 

Many investors, especially in the art industry, choose to invest their money alone. However, that carries a lot of risks, including getting fake pieces or sometimes buying overpriced arts. 

Using one pool like the Artisia platform helps investors enjoy investing in art by contributing small amounts to one pool and getting to admire the piece. 

Moreover, since Artisia uses experts to verify its art, it's nearly impossible to get scammed or buy at high prices. Instead, the platform verifies the pieces before purchase through a robust vetting procedure with 3rd party art experts and companies. 

The Artisia Token Allocation

The token's predetermined total supply is 450 million, the amount to be used to acquire art is 360 million ARTZ, an equivalent of 80% of the tokens. 

Another batch, 9% of the total supply, i.e., 40.5 million tokens, is for the founding and future team members, subject to lockup schedule. Moreover, another 9 million tokens and the equivalent of 2% will be bonus and commissions for any future deals, also subject to a lockup schedule. 

4.5 million tokens will help find advisors who will help in the project's development, and Artisia will retain 31.5 million as equity of the company. 

4.5 million tokens from the overall supply are sold in several stages in 4 batches in upcoming sales. However, these tokens will not represent actual equity in the company. Token buyers should participate in this presale to be part of the Artisia network's growth, a community of art and crypto lovers that own the most significant decentralised art portfolio ever created on the blockchain. 


In 2018, the Artisia platform took some of the first steps to successfully launch its platform; they released their roadmap. They have closely adhered to the roadmap, and in the fourth quarter of 2020, they are selling their tokens publicly and enlist them in several exchanges for easier token access.

This new platform will be the ultimate solution to all problems ailing the art industry; therefore, investors should take advantage of its release since the token presale is live now. Using this platform, an investor reduces the amount of risk by almost 100% since they enjoy art pieces by collecting funds in a pool. 

Artisia has several social media pages to interact with its investors and the public in general. Following them on its page ensures the investor will always get up to date information about the network and the tokens. 

The links to their pages include Instagram, linked in, Twitter, medium, telegram, Facebook. To get more information about how the network operates, investors and the public can follow them on those pages or contact [email protected].

To enjoy the many benefits of investing in tokenized Art, you can take advantage of the Artisia token presale currently live. They’ll soon be listing the token in more exchanges, but now is the best time to buy at affordable prices. If you want to join this presale please fill in this form.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. None of the content on Crypto Folds is investment advice nor is it a replacement for advice from a certified financial planner. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.  

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06 Jan, 2021
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