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Sponsored • Jul 27, 2021

The advent of decentralized finance (DeFi) took the crypto and decentralized application (DApp) markets to new highs with the elimination of a central authority system. Currently, worth billions of dollars, the DeFi is one of the biggest trends in the crypto space facilitating secure, transparent, and seamless transactions. It does so without relying on central financial intermediaries. 

Some of the booming DeFi products are staking, liquidity mining, and yield farming. These functions involve locking tokens on DeFi platforms for a predetermined period to earn rewards in the form of the platform's governance token or any other token. Having quickly gained widespread acceptance in the crypto space, DeFi platforms that offer such functions boast billions of dollars worth of crypto assets locked up to date. 

While there has been an uptake of DeFi protocols thanks to massive profitability, the billion-dollar practice is yet to realize its full potential. DeFi growth has largely been hampered by a lack of creativity among the newly-emerged platforms, evidenced by widespread clones. Some low-quality projects simply replicate what has already been implemented, leading to stifled zeal among investors. Even worse, some are unsafe, causing investors to lose their hard-earned cash. 

Amidst the numerous DeFi platforms, stands out with its revolutionary features, notably cross-chain staking. Follow along to learn more about this innovative passive-income-earning tool causing ripples in the lucrative DeFi sector. 

About is an open-source and non-custodial DeFi staking platform that allows users to earn passive income by depositing their crypto assets for a period of 1 day or 15 days. They can also choose to auto-renew their staking period or withdraw their assets. The platform leverages a smart contract that determines the interest rates and executes reward allocation every 10 minutes at the minting of each block. Even better, users can withdraw the accumulated interest at any time. is fully compatible with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and can be accessed with any wallet that supports BSC. The platform allows users to stake a wide range of assets, including BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, YEFI, FIL, and YTA. Additional cross-chain bridges will be deployed  and assets of other decentralized data storage networks,  notably Swarm, Dfinity, Chia,  will be integrated over time. stands out among the numerous DeFi platforms by integrating two popular services in the crypto space- Decentralized finance and Decentralized data storage. As such, the platform takes a front seat in supporting the development of decentralized data storage systems via decentralized finance. By bridging decentralized data storage and decentralized finance (DeFi), allows users to contribute to decentralized data storage while enhancing their yields. 

In addition to staking, seeks to expand to other DeFi products, such as lending & borrowing, DEX, and NFT functions, and further evolve as a comprehensive DeFi platform. These developments are set to take place in the future and will interact and integrate with external protocols. Background was launched in March 2021, while the official development began in November 2020. The platform launch coincided with the launch of its governance token, YEFI. Concurrently, the platform introduced its wallet integration function, conducted an external smart contract investigation, and launched its staking mechanism. has established itself as one of the leading DeFi staking platforms with the achievement of several milestones, including: 

  • Binance Smart Chain compatibility. It’s now accessible through all wallets that support Binance Smart Chain.
  • The protocol has been officially audited and approved by the leading blockchain and crypto audit companies, Beosin and Certik.
  • The YEFI token has been listed on WBF Exchange and reached a high of 45 USD since the launch — achieving 6x growth in a month.
  • The YEFI token has been listed on Pancake Swap. 
  • The YEFI token has been listed on MDEX. 
  • The YEFI token has been listed on Bittrex.

The Team behind founders deserve all the credit for putting together an innovative DeFi platform that supports the development of decentralized data storage projects through decentralized finance. The team behind is led by its CEO, Pekka Kelkka. Pekka is an experienced Blockchain Business Consultant and digital strategy professional. Other members of the team include Christopher Quet - CMO and Ahmed Ebrahim - Risk Management Director. The platform founders are part of the protocol's governance committee that ensures a smooth transition to an open-source community governance policy. 

Staking on the YeFi DApp 

The YeFi DApp is an intuitive protocol, fully integrated into Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and is accessible from any crypto wallet which supports BSC. The platform offers stakers lucrative interest rates of up to 80% APY (annual percentage yield). Tokens of decentralized data storage projects, such as Filecoin (FIL), earn users a higher interest, i.e., up to 1.5 times higher APY rate. Such a DeFi model promotes the development of decentralized data storage projects, which currently are the new, unfound, highly potential use case of blockchain. stands out in the DeFi market by providing a lucrative opportunity to earn passive income at some of the highest APY rates in the DeFi space. Even better, the platform integrates the innovative “APY booster” mechanism – that enables users to permanently increase their interest while another user stakes assets with their invitation code. 

YEFI Token 

The platform is governed and secured by the YEFI token. YEFI has a maximum supply of 21 million tokens. Of the total tokens generated, 94% are purely generated through mining. YEFI token is mined in blocks, each block releasing 200 YEFI tokens every 10 minutes at the initial stage. The amount is halved after one year. The token is currently listed on several exchange platforms, including PancakeSwap, MDEX, and Bittrex. Users can participate in the project governance through  democratic online voting. Main Features 

  1. Security: is a comprehensively audited DeFi platform. As such, it's improbable to suffer from a security breach.
  2. Cross-chain Compatibility: It assists in bridging decentralized data storage projects to DeFi through high-performance blockchains.
  3. Scalability: is evolving to become a comprehensive DeFi platform with a fully functioning lending & borrowing solution, DEX, and NFT tools coming up soon. 
  4. Staking at no risk: There is no risk of impermanent loss - you can withdraw the original amount of the deposited assets when you decide to exit the protocol, regardless of whether the value of an asset has gone down.
  5. APY-boost mechanism: Interest earned is not necessarily related to the amount of money put in the staking pool. Users can also gain higher passive income through an APY-boost feature by referring new users to the platform.   

Final Words is an outstanding open-source DeFi platform that allows users to earn lucrative passive income by staking their crypto holdings. YeFi stands out in the vastly competitive DeFi space with its unique features and value proposition enabling crypto users to earn via their crypto capital. The multi-face protocol integrates decentralized data storage and DeFi, allowing users to maximize returns on their crypto assets while supporting decentralized data storage projects, the next frontier in cloud storage leveraging blockchain. is poised for greater success in the DeFi market. It’s all thanks to its uniqueness, attractive interest rates, community governance, and the upcoming launch of additional DeFi products. They include features such as borrowing and lending, DEX, NFT, as well as cross-chain bridge deployment, and the addition of other supported cryptocurrencies. The platform has already attracted more than 10,000 active users worldwide. Its native token YEFI has displayed significant growth since its launch two months ago, evidencing the platform's massive potential.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. None of the content on Crypto Folds is investment advice nor is it a replacement for advice from a certified financial planner. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.  

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By Press Release 25 Jul, 2021
The process of farming yields in the Defi world has for quite some time proven to be among the most lucrative crypto investment options of our day. As a result, many platforms launch every other day, each promising to provide excellent yield farming services, but instead ending up providing services very similar to the commonly known ones today.  Due to the absence of fun in the Defi world, investors pull out of projects once they realize their targeted profits and search for other lucrative products. However, what if there was a platform to provide the much-needed profitable activities with mind-blowing fun? A new innovative, self-sustained and advanced network is launching yield farming services in the crypto world. This platform, ArenaSwap, will bring an entirely new twist to the crypto Defi world, synchrony of yield farming and fun. What is ArenaSwap? ArenaSwap is the first Binance smart-chain-based Dex project to merge interesting NFT, gaming, and gambling options with yield farming. This decentralized exchange platform is on a mission to provide interactive storytelling and gamification into the yield farming and gambling world, thus providing an opportunity for its assets to increase in value perpetually. This new platform will introduce a vast array of gaming, gambling, NFT, and yield farming options for utter simplicity and reliability. Let's dig deeper into the platform, how it works, and the services it provides. The ArenaSwap network provides a center where investors and users can explore, play, collect and receive rewards for just playing. This platform currently provides services using highly deflationary tokens, NFTs, and gaming options. Utterly Deflationary Utility Token The platform has its native token labeled ARENA , which helps provide the platform's services. This token aims to be digital gold by increasing in value perpetually. Moreover, the platform is structuring a decreasing supply model where the number of tokens burnt is higher than the number of tokens released. Therefore, yield farmers will benefit vastly from this network since the tokens will continually rise in value. Among the deflationary policies instituted include; 3% of amounts collected in betting pools for each battle is burned In every jackpot, 25% will be burned 85% of quantities used in IGO is burned In Pyramid Royale, 15% of pot amount is burned In every Gladiatorial Odyssey, 80% of the entry fee is burnt 85% of sales when purchasing loot boxes is burnt 75% of the deposit fee will buyback ARENA tokens for burning NFT's Generate Token Rewards This network uses NFTs and Defi tokens to reward users for their participation in gaming, gambling, or NFT creation in the network. For instance, as mentioned earlier, there are two kinds of gladiators, major gladiators, and minor gladiators. Major Gladiators and NFTs Major gladiators(prominent or star gladiators) will participate in the big platform arena , containing 3 participants in each round, black, red, and green team gladiators. One person who bet on the winning gladiator will be randomly selected and awarded the victory NFT award. However, as long as a user bet on the winning gladiator, they will enjoy a share of the pool of bet tokens. It will pay. Therefore, 90% of the betting tokens to the winning team bettors based on their bet. Remember, for a person to earn the Victory NFT award, they must have participated in the betting pool, been in the winning Gladiators Team. The larger the bet in the pool, the higher the chance of winning the victory NFT. The Victory NFT represents a share of ownership in the gladiator, meaning you will be a beneficiary of every win. As the gladiator grows in levels and earns more experience, so does your NFT value. During the resignation of the gladiator, their NFT value may increase, meaning the NFT holder benefits even further. In the major NFT section, there will be an Initial gladiator offering conducted. At this IGO , the value of gladiator NFTs will be low since these gladiators are not yet registered on the roster. Currently, the roster has 5 gladiators, but it's expanding to reach its target of at least 16 gladiators. The NFT holders of the winning gladiator will share 3% of the pool token in the betting. These gladiators have a full backstory showing their relationship with other gladiators, their mission, and their combat style. Following every IGO, a lucky investor will earn a limited edition IGO NFT, which has a unique serial number. These limited editions are rarer than the normal IGO NFTs. Hence their value is higher than standard IGO NFTs. Minor Gladiators and NFTs Minor gladiators are small players in the network who will never reach the major gladiator arena. Minor gladiators are custom NFTs created and owned by the platform users. The minor gladiator NFTs will possess features like uniqueness. To get the customizable NFTs, you need to get loot boxes. Fortunately, there are several easy ways of acquiring the loot boxes, including getting them when your opponent drops them in battle, getting them in airdrops, and staking other tokens. In addition, you can find ready armor and weapons, minor gladiators, and monstrous pets in the loot box. What About Gaming? There are excellent gaming alternatives in this platform, divided into the major and minor gladiator sections. Unfortunately, the entire gaming section is yet to launch since, according to the website, it is still a work in progress, set to launch in the 3rd quarter of 2021. This game's launch will bring an Arena for major gladiators and a pyramid royale for minor gladiators. The Arena for Major Gladiators The major gladiators play in the gamin g arena, where each round has three players, red, black, and green teams. According to the lite paper, Red and black teams have very high chances(20-85%) of winning, while the green team has only(4%) chances of winning. The Pyramid Royale and Odyssey for Minor Gladiators On the other hand, Minor gladiators have their center to engage each other in battle, the pyramid royal . In this royal, the winning rules are simple, i.e., a gladiator must remain at the pyramid's peak for 60 seconds. During these seconds, some other gamblers and fighters are struggling to attain the peak point. If at the end of 60 seconds, the player is still at the peak of the pyramid, they will face off against the worst of the worst infernal guardians, after which you can win a jackpot and the NFT of the infernal guardian you defeated. The Odyssey for Minor Gladiators is another excellent option provided for minor gladiators. Here, minor gladiators can also be transported to different parts of the cosmos using the Odyssey, where they can garner and maximize returns quickly. Why Should You Invest in ArenaSwap? Best Class User Interface(UI) and User Experience(UX) As noted, this platform combines a lot of activities in the same applications. Usually, many platforms would complicate things making it super hard to access some of the most necessary services within the network. However, the ArenaSwap network, much like the entrance to a normal Arena, makes its services easy to access for the users and increases the possibility of creating income streams. For instance, the user interface(UI) in design will easily display all the necessary services or utter simplicity. Accessing the tools like major or minor gladiators, gambling and IGO are displayed readily for the users. For instance, once you open the website, you see a dashboard panel on the left-hand side. This dashboard has displayed tools like farms and pools, referrals, pyramid royale, Odyssey, IGO, Loot boxes, Audits, and more. The more section has the necessary documentation, including the lite paper, docs, Github, and the blog page. The user experience(UX) is also top-notch since accessing the services is easy. On a single touch, you can open each of the services you want to work with. Even more interesting are the layout and the direct links to the wallet of your choice. Because this platform wants to ensure you get the best experience, it currently supports tons of crypto wallets like Metamask, Trustwallet, Mathwallet, Token Pocket, Wallet Connect, and Binance chain wallet. Again, everything is available on a single touch. Even more, the website is naturally in a dark mode. Today many people who take long hours using computing devices prefer using dark mode settings to protect their eyes. The Arenaswap platform is natively in Dark mode, thus ensuring more convenience. Ample Opportunities To Earn Incomes with NFT As already mentioned, the primary objective of launching this platform is to provide ample yield farming opportunities, merged with fun. In addition, ArenaSwap’s native token, ARENA, will be an excellent yield farming asset for the average user due to its deflationary nature. Furthermore, the platform has the major gladiators NFTs that help generate incomes for their holders as the gladiator increases their wins. Finally, by having multiple token use cases, the platform creates a vast array of opportunities for investors to earn passive incomes. Audit and Security Security is one of the major issues clouding the decentralized finance world today. However, the ArenaSwap network is not compromising on safety. Foremost, this platform is audited by a popular blockchain auditor and given a business go-ahead. The idea is to ensure that all users remain with top security and enjoy utter efficiency. Furthermore, by posting the report on their website, the platform proves to function with transparency. In a Nutshell After looking into the ArenaSwap platform, it's clear that this platform is here to revolutionize the Defi world. This network interacts with gaming, yield farming, and NFTs in the same dashboard, easing the earning of incomes effortlessly for the users. There will be gaming options for major and minor gladiators, the former being the star NFTs which play in the big leagues(Arena) while the former remaining the customized NFTs that play in smaller leagues. Moreover, the platform has advantages like an excellent user interface, high security, and community involvement. Therefore, you can invest in the ArenaSwap Dex whilst you wait to launch the gaming options. To directly interact with its expanding community and learn more about this wonderful project, visit their social media pages: Telegram , Twitter , or directly access their Website .
By Press Release 23 Jul, 2021
The nascent DeFi space has significantly propelled the financial world into a new dimension. While this has triggered multiple innovative services, products, and use cases, there are still sizable untapped resources within the space.  Considering the influence of DeFi in solving real-life issues, this article will discuss one of those innovations redefining the fintech landscape and Decentralized financial ecosystem, ShuttleOne . What is ShuttleOne? Simply put, ShuttleOne is a digital financial service operating system leveraging blockchain and DeFi technologies. Utilizing artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, this innovation serves as a platform where users can integrate their existing ecosystems to carry out payments of digital assets and where businesses can access capital via decentralized lending. The primary focus of this project is bridging the gap between some businesses and DeFi by introducing real-life use cases to the decentralized financial space. Thus, it is a project that emphasizes diversification. It implements a G2B (Government to business) solution to offer financial and business solutions to businesses across the globe, with the SZO cryptographic token at the core of it all. Fundamentally, there are two primary parts to this network DeFi operating system for platforms ShuttleOne Liquidity pool DeFi Operating System for Platforms In the ShuttleOne framework, businesses and platforms with a pre-existing ecosystem can activate financial services within their space, thereby offering values such as loan financing and remittance to their current ecosystem. Essentially, the project offers diversification, i.e. crypto investors can diversify their portfolio to minimize risk from a market swing. By providing a stable income-generating solution, investors can park their stablecoins in the S1 network to grow their capital while preventing overexposure in their profile. Considering this framework, while bridging the gap between small and medium enterprises with the DeFi resources, ShuttleOne also enables users to leverage the platform’s data to provide financial services in their respective ecosystems under ShuttleOne Umbrella. With this option, businesses can now create financial services for customers, thereby ushering them into a more compelling infrastructure that guarantees that customers don’t have to opt-in for other options. With this innovative functionality, economically, the influence and potential of ShuttleOne have become even more prominent. Besides allowing integrations into existing financial ecosystems, ShuttleOne also offers the client the option to access working capital with real assets. This, in itself, can make a significant difference between sustainability and bankruptcy in any business. ShuttleOne Liquidity Pool Liquidity Pool serves as funds to the financial services that the platform currently offers to real-world businesses within the framework. Liquidity providers can add stablecoins to the platform’s network to access interests generated by real-world asset collaterals, with the cryptographic coin SZO, as an additional reward. Investors lending liquidity to this network will play a significant role in helping businesses tokenized their real-world assets and unlock asset liquidity through stablecoin. Besides, with access to pre-existing projects and being a financial ecosystem that offers a financial bridge between them and DeFi space, ShuttleOne is on the path to significantly and exponentially growing its user base. With the primary objective of setting up liquidity funds for real-world finances, the liquidity pool is funded using stablecoins from different investors. This will be used to finance real-life financial services via loans and remittances. The framework is easy to navigate and understand for new investors within the crypto space. In addition, it is a non-custodial solution, and as such, the platform no one holds the admin key for the funds since it will be stored in a smart contract. Besides decentralization, one primary reason cryptocurrencies and blockchain have enjoyed significant adoption over the years is due to their trustless nature. A trustless ecosystem without intermediaries or intercessors is necessary when handling a sizable amount of liquidity and funds. The non-custodial solution is applied for liquidity providers’ private keys. ShuttleOne adopts a hybrid model where liquidity providers’ private key is non-custodial, while business loans are custodial. Till today, this framework has helped multiple businesses and merchants secure business capital across multiple sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, e-commerce, and more. As mentioned before, the project sets itself apart from other DeFi solutions by offering a G2B framework. Utilizing blockchain enables the creation of a transparent ledger that features every asset tokenized on the platform. As such, relevant individuals and participants can securely view and access every asset as well as their documentation. Tackling Double Collateralization Double collateralization is a significant issue that has been governing the traditional asset financing space with cold heart sympathy. Many individuals tend to use assets they have previously used for a loan to secure a second loan. Due to multiple underlying issues facing the conventional asset financing space, financers often find it difficult to properly itemize or share asset details transparently across the board. To tackle this issue, ShuttleOne adopts a real-world asset protocol (RWAP) which involves the use of NFT tokens and Blockchain to establish a database where anyone can view tokenized assets in a place on the chain. Leveraging Alhasa, the platform’s RWAP solution, it documents every asset, which anyone can access safely and view any changes or modifications. This will not only facilitate transparency in the ecosystem but also proffer a solution to a real-world issue haunting financial services. The revolutionary influence of this innovation has prompted and gained the attention of several notable equity investors, including decentralized financial entities and crypto service providers. With support from Andromeda, Coinshare, MakerDAO, CMT digital, and several other investors, this is a confirmation of the need for integrating SME-centric services into DeFi liquidity. Unresponsiveness to FUDs or Bear Market Blockchain holds the promise to necessitates multiple use cases, services, and products relating to DeFi. The ShuttleOne innovation is one of the projects replicating this tendency. Investors diversify their investments in a conducive and cohesive ecosystem. Essentially, enterprise users can tokenize real-world assets and convert them into business capital for Small and medium enterprises to alleviate some of the issues facing the traditional asset financing ecosystem. Besides these, with the platform’s support for stable coins, assets cannot reduce from their fixed value. Stable coins are a range of crypto assets, further backed by reserve assets. Since they tend to uphold a fixed value over an extended period, they are the most suitable currencies for loans in the DeFi space today. As holders of this coin, you can offer your assets into the liquidity pool, and in turn, generate interest, while the coin is unresponsive to bear market, fears, uncertainty, and doubts. This offers a sizable extent of peace of mind to relevant parties in the ecosystem. Currently, the platform supports three stable coins which are backed by distinctive reserve assets” USDC, USDT, and DAI coin. High-Level Overview In sum, ShuttleOne allows you to integrate its functionalities into existing ecosystems to scale native financial services. Besides, it also serves as a way for SMEs to access capital from real-world assets, easily and in a more accessible manner. It onboards investors to allow them to provide liquidity seamlessly and easily with their stablecoins. Thus, they get to maintain value, irrespective of the market condition, while earning interests on their investments in chosen stablecoins, plus additional reward in the form of the cryptographic coin, SZO. With the current financial landscape, almost no innovation is currently exploring this space. Hence, the project still enjoys a unique position in trade financing scene. This innovative concept and idea signify the network’s potentials and the versatility of decentralized financial resources. Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be a source of investment, financial, technical, tax, or legal advice. All of this content is for informational purposes only. Readers should do their own research. The Capital is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by reliance on any information mentioned in this article.
By Press Release 22 Jul, 2021
Global cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange MEXC is partnering with Unicrypt to help develop its ecosystem and provide MEXC customers with access to Unicrypt’s unique defi services and protocols. Built from the ground up by a passionate and dedicated team, inspired by Uniswap founder Hayden Adams, Unicrypt is designed to give its users access to a decentralized suite of tools and services to help them benefit from the booming defi ecosystem.  ‘’We’re very happy to start collaborating with MEXC . We have here a very promising room for growth and evolution benefiting both Unicrypt and MEXC communities at a large scale. Our trustless and automated technologies & services will now serve the Asian market consistently. Huge adoption milestone for us! Let’s get started’’ - Unicrypt features a variety of tools, including: Liquidity Lockers, to help projects grow by providing a secure and trustable place to lock in liquidity provider tokens Token vesting and minting options, to allow projects to create and vest their own tokens quickly and easily, on ERC-20, with a minimum of fuss - no coding skills required A launchpad and incubator to help people bring their DeFi products and services to the market easily. As well as providing farming and staking as a service tool to allow projects to incentivize their communities. So far, in just over 12 months of operation, Unicrypt has grown to be trusted by more than 7,000 projects, with a total value locked of $320 million, with daily active users of more than 30,000. Ready for the big time The decision to partner with global exchange MEXC will deliver a number of benefits to Unicrypt. Including investment, and access to the exchange’s huge volume of 500k daily visits by highly engaged cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts. Working together will also allow MEXC to work with projects building on Unicrypt and provide them an opportunity to list on their decentralized launchpad, and provide potential partnerships and collaborations for these projects with the fast-growing Solana, Avalanche, and Polygon blockchains. A spokesperson for MEXC said: “We’re excited about this opportunity to work with Unicrypt and to help shape their evolution as they continue to pioneer innovative and exciting tools and services for defi users. “We look forward to working with the Unicrypt team, and to exploring all of the exciting new projects being developed on the Unicrypt ecosystem.” About Unicrypt Unicrypt Network is a multi-chain decentralized services provider born in June 2020. The deployed toolsuite empowers DeFi projects and covers a large scope of needs: liquidity lockers, token vesting options, token minter, a self-service launchpad along with farming and staking tools. Built from scratch without any fundraising rounds, Unicrypt stands as a passion-driven sustainable business entity highly connected to its community and users. About MEXC Established in April 2018, MEXC Exchange is one of the world’s leading digital asset trading platforms which offers users one-stop services including spot, margin, leveraged ETF, derivatives trading, and staking services. The core members of the team come from world-class enterprises and financial companies, who have rich experience in blockchain and financial industries. MEXC offers the most comprehensive marketplace where global crypto traders, miners, and institutional investors come to manage crypto assets, enhance investment opportunities and hedge risks, and formulate their strategies to maximize gains and mitigate risks. For more information, please visit:
By News 22 Jul, 2021
MEXC Global , the one-stop solution for spot trading and derivatives like ETF Margin and Futures , continues to be a market leader in providing top-quality tokens while promising to be one of the exchanges to watch out for in 2021. In addition, MEXC recently listed new crypto assets, summing more than 850 digital assets already offered for trading on the exchange.  Besides offering users a comprehensive suite of trending coins, MEXC strives to screen new projects to ensure safe investments thoroughly. The platform is very well known for its swift customer support, good practices, and reliable services. In case of any technical hitches that result in the loss of funds, the exchange has an Investor Protection scheme in place to compensate affected users. The MEXC Globalization Strategy MEXC Global currently has over 6 million active users from more than 200 countries and regions worldwide. In addition, the product platform supports multiple languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and many more. MEXC has already expanded its trading services and cryptocurrency pairs to the user community in different markets such as Russia , Japan , Korea , and Turkey . They are already setting up offices and teams to take care of the business. In addition, MEXC is welcoming new members, as they are currently recruiting talents worldwide. Swiss self-regulatory organization (VQF) and Australian AUSTRAC have both granted MEXC compliance certificates in the past year. What’s more, MEXC is boosting its payments compliance by joining two leading payment companies in Europe and Southeast Asia. This allows MEXC users to purchase top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether in Euros or USD via their MasterCard or VISA card. About MEXC Global: Championing Crypto Adoption Globally MEXC Global is playing its part in championing the widespread adoption of digital assets and the growth of the crypto community. Recently, MEXC inked a partnership with crypto-friendly travel agency The deal enables MEXC users to pay for the diverse range of travel products listed on using MX tokens. Furthermore, MEXC is fostering the use of crypto by expanding stablecoin accessibility across the globe. For example, the platform recently added support for leading stablecoins USDC and USDT on Algorand , a high-performance proof-of-stake (PoS) chain that offers low fees and near-instant settlements.
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