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How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies in 2021

David Hamilton • Jul 14, 2021

A lot has transpired in the crypto market since Bitcoin's anonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, first introduced the world to blockchain technology. The market has evolved from a few coins, mostly representing currencies, into a vast industry. Today, there are cryptocurrencies geared towards many different purposes. 


From smart contract programmable blockchains such as Ethereum, all the way to gold pegged stablecoins, the decentralized economy continues to expand. As such, there are many different ways to invest in cryptocurrencies today. Here are some of the most popular ways you can invest in cryptocurrencies in 2021.



Mining is the act of validating transactions for a decentralized network. This practice was first made popular by Bitcoin. Depending on the network, miners will compete or get chosen randomly to accomplish these tasks. The miner that adds the next block of transactions to the blockchain receives a reward in the form of cryptocurrency. In the case of Bitcoin, the reward is 6.25 Bitcoin.


To get started in mining you will need to select a network. There are a wide variety of minable tokens in the market at this time. Some networks are highly competitive and require you to purchase sophisticated mining equipment to succeed. Others, like Bytecoin, have done away with these financial and technical barriers. You can mine this coin directly from your home PC. 



Perhaps the easiest and most profitable way to invest in cryptocurrencies is to HODL (hold on for dear life). HODL is a term used in the crypto community to describe the act of purchasing cryptocurrencies and not selling them. For Bitcoiners, HODLing has proven to be a rollercoaster ride. The value of the coin has gone from $20,000 to $3,000 to $60,000 to $35,000 in the three years. 


HODLIng is an easy-to-follow method that provides some solid results. The key to HODLing is to invest only in projects you believe in. The long-term potential of many crypto platforms today makes them ideal for HODLing purposes. For example, coins such as Cardano (ADA) have been in the market for years but are now just starting to develop their Dapp network. Projects like this present a lot of upside potential as usability is one of the main factors that determine the value of a cryptocurrency.


Day Trade

If you are ready for a little more excitement in your life, you can start day trading. Every day the crypto market swings. The job of a day trader is to catch these swings at opportune times and capitalize on them in a way that earns profits. Of course, to accomplish this task, you will need to monitor the markets intensely.


One way that day traders reduce their workload is through the integration of trading bots. Trading bots are automated trading software. Users can program these protocols to conduct trades based on certain market criteria. Platforms like Cryptohopper, enable you to execute trades based on daily volume, price points, and signals. 


Notably, many platforms enable users to create, buy, and sell trading bot setups. This feature simplifies day trading even more. The main thing to remember when you day trade is that the market is volatile. If you leave your investments unattended, you may come back to find the value has fluctuated immensely. To avoid this scenario, it’s recommended you research and choose a reliable automated trading strategy.



Another way to trade cryptocurrencies with less risk is through the use of indices. A crypto index provides investors exposure to a particular coin, sub-section of the market, or top-performing projects. For example, there are crypto indices that provide exposure to the top 20 cryptos based on market cap. There are also indices that simply focus on a particular sector, such as DeFi tokens.


Crypto indices are a powerful tool that enables traders to gain exposure to markets while reducing their overall risks. The diversification of these funds makes them more resilient to major losses. Additionally, there are crypto indices that offer rebalancing features. These systems monitor the market and adjust your portfolio based on the conditions.


Platforms such as Crypto Army take the concept even further by simplifying the creation process. Crypto Army users have an excellent selection of indices at their disposal. There are indices that represent the top performing coins, DeFi, smart contract programmable blockchains, and much more. Best of all, the system automates these indices to keep your portfolio current and profitable.



DeFi (decentralized finance) is one of the fastest-growing industries in the blockchain market. These projects seek to transfer centralized financial services over to decentralized networks. By doing so, they can take the profits that were once only available to the banks and redistribute them among the community.


For example, there are DeFi savings accounts that pay you interest for keeping your coins on the network. Since there is very little overhead associated with these systems, the added profits get recirculated via interest payments. On average, a DeFi savings account pays 10% interest. In comparison, your bank pays you around .25%. 


There are also staking and farming systems. Both of these features enable users to secure consistent rewards by providing liquidity to smart contracts. The main difference between the two is that staking has a lock-up period, whereas yield farming doesn't. 


You can also engage in peer-to-peer lending using DeFi platforms. Instead of a bank providing users with funding, regular users take over the task. In return, you get to keep the interest paid by borrowers. Notably, many of these platforms utilize large lending liquidity pools to ensure that lenders receive repayments regardless of the borrower’s actions. 


It’s Time to Join the Blockchain Revolution

Now that you have a firm grip on how to invest in cryptocurrencies, you’re ready to begin your crypto adventure. The main thing to consider prior to investing in any platform is its reputation and security. Always DYOR (do your own research) and you’re sure to see some healthy ROIs. Luckily, you can save some time as all the platforms listed in this piece have earned their stripes in the market.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. None of the content on Crypto Folds is investment advice nor is it a replacement for advice from a certified financial planner. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.  

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By Press Release 11 Jul, 2021
Launched in 2009, bitcoin as a currency and the Bitcoin Network have performed vastly well in the crypto industry. The coin set up the pace for the launch of thousands of other crypto coins providing similar services.  The idea behind Bitcoins and crypto launch was to decentralize the entire financial world. However, to decentralize the services, the network had to involve the users in a lot of mining work. Mining in Bitcoin has always followed the Proof of work system, where the miner has to solve a complex algorithm to mine the coins successfully. Bitcoin's Proof of work system has proven inefficient in many ways, including leading to environmental degradation and lacking scale. However, a new alternative, Bitcoin Latinum, is launching soon to solve most problems clouding the Bitcoin network. What exactly is Bitcoin Latinum? What is Bitcoin Latinum? Bitcoin Latinum describes itself as a new hard fork for the Bitcoin network, focused on following the principles laid out by Satoshi Nakamoto. Generally, this network aims to be a bankless P2P network, improving on the original idea of Bitcoin but implanting speed and green energy efficiency in the process. According to their white paper , in their mission, they plan to enhance the Bitcoin code. Unlike the original Bitcoin version, which has for the whole decade used POW systems, Bitcoin Latinum aims to use another consensus mechanism. The top features aimed to be achieved by Bitcoin Latinum include speed, lower costs, efficiency, and save the environment. Bitcoin Latinum Leveraging Proof of Stake The Bitcoin Latinum network is leveraging the Proof of stake consensus mechanisms to release the new tokens. How does PoS work? PoS is a consensus mechanism concept that was introduced in mid-2012 by a crypto asset dubbed peercoin. The idea was later adopted by other crypto-assets and has proven to be a very successful mining method. Why? Unlike Proof of work which depends on showing the real work done to mine, Proof of stake depends on the value of investment a miner (staker) has. A staker with higher value investments gets the chance of earning greater rewards. Usually, in Proof of stake, miners deal with verification and validation of transactions, and the person with the higher stake gets a better chance of getting rewards. The Bitcoin Latinum network will work on principles very similar to Proof of stake, where the stakers will get rewards for their stake. Why exactly is Proof of stake a good move for Bitcoin Latinum? Green, Energy Efficient Mining Bitcoin Latinums use of PoS works well with its mission for a green energy-efficient consensus mechanism. Generally, Proof of work systems have proven highly inefficient, especially when it comes to energy use and environmental degradation. Exactly how? Proof of work, as already mentioned earlier, consumes too much electricity. To mine crypto (Bitcoin), they involve a long process of solving very complex mathematical problems. These require the use of very strong machine/ hardware devices that often consume too much electricity. For instance, the mining rigs instituted by groups occupy large rooms and require lots of electricity to complete mining a fraction of Bitcoin. According to some research, Bitcoin mining costs electricity almost enough to serve Finland annually, equal to 23 coal-fired electricity plants. However, by leveraging Proof of stake, the challenge of excessive consumption of electricity is solved. Some suggest that PoS reduced the energy inefficiency of PoW by about 99%. Using PoS, therefore, means that the network will require very little electricity, thus helping in the conservation of the environment with fewer power plants. Consequently, the burden of decentralization is removed from the heavy machines to the investment values. In PoS, even with simple machines, a user can be able to participate invalidation. Therefore, Bitcoin Latinum's launch will help solve energy inefficiency and environmental degradation leading to a green earth. Increase Transaction Speed and Efficiency Bitcoin Latinum also launched with a new feature: speed and efficiency of transactions. Bitcoin, the largest crypto network today, completes its transactions at a languid pace. Statistics show that Bitcoin completes merely 5-7 transactions per second. The second-largest crypto by market cap, Ethereum, also has a low TPS of about 5. When considering the vastness of the networks, the TPS is very low; it translates to just about 600k transactions per day. However, according to Bitcoin Latinum's whitepaper, the platform aims to ensure high transaction speed. The network has improved the speed by reducing transaction size by leveraging the PoS and increasing the volume of transactions. This network can host millions of transactions every day; thus, the coin and the network at large will be perfect for retail users of the coin. Bitcoin Latinum will also use another way to speed up transactions, i.e., institute large block sizes. By increasing the block size, they'll speed up transactions and effectively reduce the costs. Other Benefits of Bitcoin Latinum Platform PoS As already mentioned, the bitcoin Latinum Network is on a mission to become the best peer-to-peer coin, paralleling Bitcoin. By using the principles of Satoshi, the coin has a better chance of surviving crypto. However, since it improves the speed and efficiency, there will be several benefits associated with the forks improvements; Reduced cost of transactions since with larger block sizes, the price per individual transaction will be relatively lower Lower costs involved in purchasing heavy machinery; instead, only by using your phone you can benefit Speed and reliability of transactions Higher security from 51% attacks The launch of the token targets markets of telecommunication, gaming, media, and cloud computing. Final Word After thoroughly analyzing the Bitcoin Latinum mission of a green earth and energy efficiency, it's clear that the policies the platform has instituted will guarantee success. For instance, the platform leverages PoS, a complete opposite of PoW. Unlike in Pow, PoS systems depend on the value of the investment by the user and not the hard work done. By leveraging PoS, Bitcoin Latinum will provide highly efficient services at fast and friendly costs. The platform will ensure there is very little to no effect of their process on the environment, thus the green energy initiative. Since the token sale is ongoing, you can purchase them on their webpage using Bank transfers, Coinbase, Coinpayment, PayPal, and Manual crypto.
By Press Release 10 Jul, 2021
One fact is universal in the cryptocurrency ecosystem — early entries win! Discovering early-stage projects before reaching mainstream has long been a profitable investment opportunity for crypto investors. However, evidently, the early stage crypto space still faces some issues that may mar their potential profitability. But with the emergence of projects such as Lithium , tackling these issues heads on, investors and relevant entities within this space can be sure of an ecosystem that recognizes, supports, and actively promotes profitable and innovative crypto projects.  Suppose you are looking to invest within this space. Then, in that case, this article covers everything you need to know about Lithium. What is Lithium? Essentially, this innovative project was triggered by the zeal to offer solutions to the systemic setbacks surrounding the early-stage cryptocurrency space. The origin of the name “lithium”, is quite an interesting one, as it signifies the third element on the periodic table, denoting its potential to revolutionize the early stage crypto stage by integrating web 3.0. Primarily, this project offers three fundamental products; launchpad, incubator, and a fund offering. At the core of this ecosystem is the $EBSC token. The $EBSC Token This is the heart of the Lithium ecosystem. It offers its holders a vast range of utility and value as opposed to what the prevalent shitcoins offer today. With benefits such as negligible fund fees, access to launchpad airdrops, or priority entry to the launchpad, this token guarantees a significant value add as well as portfolio exposure to early opportunities for investors and startups alike. The entire project is committed to facilitating exposure to innovations that solve real-world problems as well as offering investors opportunities to access them as early as possible, with $EBSC acting as the backbone of the project. Lithium Launchpad This is a product directly targeted at offering solutions to the issues of the early-stage startup space. By providing launchpad services, cross-chain, this project encourages upcoming projects to grow. The launchpad, as well as incubator, provide founders and investors with multiple value-adding services. These services offer support for early-stage projects in terms of launch, marketing, ideas discussion, and validation as well as all through its developmental stages. This encourages capital to flow from markets to budding projects, thereby adding real-life value to the early-stage crypto space. Using the $EBSC token alongside the launchpad, this project significantly maximizes the chances of success for these startups. You can read more on the launchpad here: Lithium Incubator Essentially, as a crypto incubator, Lithium was tailored to support incubated projects. In other words, it searches for projects with the potential to be successful and offers them help all through their developmental stages with activities such as funding, strategy, marketing, and more. Getting picked up by a Lithium incubator is a sizable opportunity for any startup as it presents an opportunity to be guided by experts within the space. This consequently propels the nascent project into a new level of growth and awareness. Lithium Ventures invest cash that may range up to $100,000 in these startups to help expedite time to market and investment attractiveness. Lithium Funds This product extends to multiple blockchain ecosystems. Lithium has developed two Funds offering investors varying risk exposures across different asset classes. Their Delta fund variation works as an arbitrage fund whilst their “Fund” class operates as a VC fund taking long-term directional stakes in early stage blockchain projects. Lithium aims to invest at least 40% of its overall asset under management, in its directional funds into incubated projects across the multiple blockchains. Essentially, the fund's target projects with the potentials to extend to real-life use cases and feature robust web 3.0 applications. Considering the feature offered by the launchpad, Lithium capitalizes on these opportunities to identify and negotiate over the counter and on-chain deals at terms that will benefit investors both in the long and short term. Delta One This is Lithium’s first public fund product which offered investors the chance to benefit from outsized returns via exposure to dislocation of asset classes across the market. This event was quite a successful one and quickly imprinted its mark within the space. Within five days, it raised a sum of $175,000 which was directed at arbitrage. The fund closing value stood at $182 000. What’s even more thrilling about this event is that Lithium Venture’s accomplished its monthly target in just 14 days, which is somewhat terrific. The investors can expect to see an upside of up to roughly 500% over the course of 12 months whilst maintaining a relatively low-risk profile and having the benefit of a fully managed fund portfolio. Fund II This is the second public fund product, which offers investors of a higher risk appetite the chance for considerable profits while granting them entry to a diversified portfolio in the early stage ecosystem. This fund primarily aims to develop about 20 to 30 sprouting blockchain projects that hold the promise to solve real-life issues and actively incorporate web 3.0. It has a reliable process and framework to recognize promising projects with a significant chance for success while adopting practical approaches to negotiating favorable contracts with the founding teams. Besides, by participating in this product, investors can also access the benefits related to seed and series A funding round. Strategies adopted for this fund will position the product in a way that will outperform both bull and neutral markets. It will feature no leverage and the funds will be tied up to locked for about a year, or roughly 12 months. Subsequent to a successful exit, every investor gets to vote on dividend payments, and Lithium promises to allocate the investment within a period of 3 to 4 months. This product is a fully managed fund, and as an approach to risk management, it will consider the general market environment before directing the funds to any investment. Similar to Fund I, this product or offering also requires a minimum investment of $2 000 USDC. The period of this event, in which investors get to raise funds, will last up to two weeks from 2–16 July, and it is accessible to everyone. You can read more about the Funds here: Participating in the Fund II To take part in this event, here is a high-level overview of the steps: Send at least the minimum required USDC on BSC to the feeder wallet: 0x0C9a6E77de12BaFA77cf7Ab3D62083AfcDdCa728 Contact [email protected], indicating your wallet address and the USDC amount sent. For important announcements and NAV tracking, engage the Fund II telegram At the end of the capital call, Lithium will move the entire capital to a cold storage wallet initially, which will be exchanged for BNB and sent to an FTX account. Subsequently, investments can then access this fund with updates about the fund performance accordingly. Socials: Whitepaper: Telegram: Twitter: Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be a source of investment, financial, technical, tax, or legal advice. All of this content is for informational purposes only. Readers should do their own research. The Capital is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by reliance on any information mentioned in this article.
By Sponsored 10 Jul, 2021
Bitcoin Latinum describes itself as a new hard fork for the Bitcoin network, focused on following the principles laid out by Satoshi Nakamoto. Generally, this network aims to be a bankless P2P network, improving on the original idea of Bitcoin but implanting speed and green energy efficiency in the process.
By Wayne Jones 09 Jul, 2021
Shrimpy has recently introduced the option to connect to the platform via an offline wallet. This means that users can monitor, track and trade assets from a portfolio located on DEX wallets, hardware wallets, as well as famous 3rd-party crypto wallets like MetaMask.
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