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Jetfuel: Profitable Yield Farming Ecosystem

Sponsored • Jul 19, 2021

The advent of decentralized financial services is gaining tremendous attention from investors worldwide. Jetfuel's ecosystem fits the bracket of a DeFi ecosystem combining various products found in popular platforms such as Yearn, Compound, and many more. 

Generally, Jetfuel represents an innovative yield farming optimizer that enables users to generate lucrative passive incomes. 

Aside from offering yield farming opportunities, Jetfuel supports additional services, including a borrowing and lending market, a launchpad, staking services, and a decentralized automated market maker (AMM) exchange. 

Jetfuel blends all these services into one dashboard while leveraging the Binance Smart Chain, an advanced blockchain that boosts transaction speeds and implements cheaper trading fees.

An In-depth View on Jetfuel's Services

The team behind Jetfuel comprises an experienced group of individuals who range from developers, entrepreneurs to project managers. 

It also consists of individuals with broad experience in the blockchain and DeFi industry. Together, the team successfully launched an impressive ecosystem supporting the following products:

Jetswap Exchange

Jetswap operates as a decentralized AMM running on the Binance Smart Chain and the Polygon network. The platform initially launched on the BSC network before adding the Polygon chain on July 8th, 2021. Therefore, users can comfortably conduct trades at a much faster pace and attract cheaper transactional costs on both networks. 

As a decentralized AMM exchange, Jetswap allows users to have exclusive control over their digital assets since there is no trading limit or the need to register for an account. Earning opportunities are also available on Jetswap when users deposit their pWINGS-LP and WINGS-LP to the WINGS farm. 

More importantly, users can earn a section of the trading fees after depositing the WINGS-LP token. Security measures are also catered to on Jetswap courtesy of the auditing reports from Hash0x and Ether Authority.

Vault Services

At the Jetfuel vaults, users can multiply their LP token deposits through an automated algorithm. The vault gathers any outstanding rewards from the LP deposits after every 4 hours. It then sells half of the rewards, purchases additional BNB, and uses the duo tokens to collect more LP tokens. 

Thus, Jetfuel's vault produces extra rewards compared to yield farms which employ non-compounded mechanisms. The first vault was released in January 2021, and since then, Jetfuel has managed to design diverse types of vaults dealing with synthetic stocks, single assets, stablecoins, and high yield FUEL/BNB assets. 

In the future, Jetfuel hopes to add a high risk/high reward mutual fund feature where a user's BNB holdings will be split into several vaults, and rewards can be obtained when everything is complete. 


In the crypto sphere, staking involves the action of locking up digital assets in a wallet. Jetfuel leverages the power of two tokens (JETS and FUEL) to run a double staking reward venture on the platform. 

JETS token represents the staking and governance asset on the Jetfuel protocol, which produces FUEL rewards for JETS holders. For users to acquire JETS tokens, one is required to stake their FUEL by selecting the "Convert to JETS" option. 

Compared to the FUEL token, JETS' value increases more because of the passive FUEL income that JETS holders receive. Besides passively earning FUEL, JETS holders generate more income from various streams, including vault rewards, Hanger Reserves, USS Gerald R Ford staking pool, the Fortress protocol, and Jetfuel's AMM exchange.


Jetfuel's launchpad is an innovative platform that seeks to support new crypto projects making their first appearance in the market. In the launchpad network, DeFi projects accumulate liquidity and raise funds from hosting a token sale event. The launchpad on Jetfuel not only assists platforms to raise funds but also helps them go mainstream and reach a wider audience.

Yield Farming

Yield Farming ventures provide users with passive income opportunities by adding liquidity to a platform and accumulating rewards. Jetfuel deploys a similar concept whereby traders deposit their LP tokens or other single asset tokens to generate FUEL in return. 


The Fortress protocol was launched on April 20th, 2021, and stands as an algorithmic money market on Jetfuel. This platform allows users to lend and securely borrow digital assets. Compounded interest earnings are available for users who distribute their assets to the protocol. 

Furthermore, once investors submit their digital assets to the Fortress network, they gain the ability to borrow other assets and take part in minting the FAI stablecoin. By actively minting FAI tokens, users acquire a stablecoin that can be staked or re-invested into the platform for more liquidity rewards. 

FTS is the native asset powering Fortress, giving holders voting powers on any proposals suggested by users. Supplied assets in the money market contain the fToken symbol, which are transferable to other users, digital wallets, or even cold storage locations.

On the other hand, borrowers can use their fToken holdings to access loans which are usually payable at any time. Borrowers will also experience a unique lending service that eradicates any trading fees, slippages, and late fees.


The traditional financial system bars the majority of individuals from receiving financial services and generating valuable incomes. Jetfuel's end goal hopes to replace the current financial system with an advanced ecosystem that offers multiple financial products. 

As a bonus, the platform promotes profit maximization through staking, yield farming, lending, and many more services. Combining all these functionalities under one roof will ultimately drive huge interest and adoption of Jetfuel and the DeFi industry as a whole.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. None of the content on Crypto Folds is investment advice nor is it a replacement for advice from a certified financial planner. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.  

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By Press Release 16 Jul, 2021
KuKuswap is a next-gen DEX designed to provide access to new tokens and a simplistic trading experience. The network incorporates the most popular DeFi protocol and a host of other benefits that make KuKuswap ideal for new and experienced investors alike. As such, the protocol is well-positioned to become the top-performing DEX on the KuCoin blockchain. Notably, the developers behind the KuKuswap concept took inspiration from other top-performing DEXs in the market. Specifically, they stated that the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) DEX, PancakeSwap, was the platform they modeled KuKuswap after. This inspiration is evident in the similar features and streamlined interface.  What Problems Does KuKuswap Attempt to Fix? There are a lot of crucial issues that KuKuswap attempts to rectify. Primarily, the network helps to eliminate centralization in the DEX community. For the longest time, traders were relegated to Ethereum DEXs. Eventually, more options and networks ventured into the market, but for the most part, Ethereum and the BSC dominate the sector. Now, regular traders gain access to a powerful new network built from the ground up to simplify the top crypto features. High Gas Fees KuKuswap users enjoy much lower fees than Uniswap users. The main reason for these reduced costs is the technical structure of the platform. The KuCoin blockchain is less expensive to conduct transactions and execute smart contracts on. Consequently, users can save a bundle when they migrate to KuKuswap. Scalability Along the same lines of thought, scalability is another major advantage provided by KuKuswap. The KuCoin blockchain outperforms Ethereum in TPS rate and block production. Specifically, KuCoin produces blocks every 3 seconds. In comparison, it takes Ethereum around 13 seconds. This added scalability directly results in a more responsive and efficient user experience. Features Despite its simplistic layout, KuKuswap offers some top-notch benefits to users in the form of swaps and liquidity protocols. Also, the network enables developers to migrate as all smart contracts are ERC-20 compatible effortlessly. This decision was wise as Ethereum still dominates the DeFi sector in terms of applications and DEXs. Now, developers can expand their platforms to incorporate the KuCoin community without creating all new applications. KuKuswap Mechanics The KuKuswap exchange was designed to provide user access to the growing KuCoin ecosystem. The network operates on the KuCoin chain exclusively. As such, users gain access to an entirely new network of tokens, NFTs, and services. Here are just a few of the top features users enjoy when they switch over to KuKuswap. Swap Swap is the main feature offered to KuKuswap users. This DEX operates as an AMM (automated market maker). ATMs are prevalent in the DeFi sector because they provide less slippage and faster trading times. This feature is straightforward to use. The interface was designed to mimic other top-performing DEXs. Uniquely, you have a lot of options when conducting swaps. Hit the gear in the top right corner of the trade window, and you will open up features such as the adjustable slippage tolerance. You can also toggle on expert mode and disable multi-hops. Notably, the expert mode allows you to bypass confirmation models. This strategy enables high slippage trades for expert users. Liquidity KuKuswap also provides users with liquidity pools. A Liquidity pool is a large smart contract that users deposit funds into, and in return, they receive rewards based on their participation level and time. Liquidity pools are an essential part of other top-performing DEXs for multiple reasons. Primarily it’s because they provide more reliable and secure ROIs to users. Using KuKuswap If you are familiar with Uniswap or PancakeSwap, you will have no problem navigating KuKuswap. It built the platform from the start to simplify all the most vital DEX features. Consequently, there’s no previous experience required to start securing rewards and conducting trades on the network. KuKuswap - The Next DeFi Ecosystem is Here The DeFi race is heating up, and this latest entry is just proof. KuCoin has long been an advanced blockchain with tons of potential. Now, the network has gained a powerful tool to help connect traders and developers in new ways. It will be interesting to see how KuKuswap accelerates Dapp development in the KuCoin ecosystem in the coming weeks. But, for now, you can join the KuKuswap movement here .
By Press Release 15 Jul, 2021
A new player making waves (no pun intended) as a top new NFT marketplace has quickly gained the attention of not only the crypto world but major global partners and celebrities. Today, Infinity8 has announced a 12:00 pm eastern standard time Clubhouse chat with one of the single most influential living artists, Sacha Jafri, hosted by no one other than clubhouse and NFT influencer Farokh Sarmad. They will be announcing the launch of the marketplace and their partnership with the iconic artist.  Sacha, a UK-born contemporary artist is best known for creating the world’s largest painting on canvas, Journey of Humanity, which sold for $62,000,000 at auction in Dubai, making it the fourth-highest price ever paid for a work of art by a living artist. Alongside, Farokh will be COO Kyle Clifford, of AMFAR, a globally recognized AIDS philanthropy, as Sacha shares his recent entrance into the world of NFT’s with marketplace founded by the philanthropist and billionaire Javed Fiya. Jafri is known for generally working outside the gallery or studio, and is globally recognized for his work in philanthropy, donating much of his work and profits to charity. With collectors of his work including former U.S president Barak Obama, Sir Richard Branson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Gates, David Beckham, and many more, Infinity8 also announced that Eva Longoria will be joining the conversation. While the NFT space has been criticized by both crypto enthusiasts to major gallery owners, this is a significant signal that the “fine NFT art” world is here to stay. The Clubhouse will take place at 12:00 pm EST Today, and the link can be found below. Tune in: About Infinity8 Infinity 8 gives unlimited access to the best digital art around the world. Infinity 8 is one of the largest marketplaces where everyone can create, buy and sell digital art. Find rising talent for some of the world's most renowned artists and start your NFT collection today! Media inquiries: Doug Messer [email protected]
By Wayne Jones 14 Jul, 2021
MEXC Global , a top cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, is adding support for market-leading stablecoins USDT and USDC on Algorand. As a high-performance, fully decentralized blockchain network, Algorand will allow users to transact in their preferred dollar-pegged stablecoin on MEXC. The addition of USDT and USDC on MEXC comes at a time when the crypto market is experiencing rapid growth and usage of stablecoins. The development will help expand the use cases of the two most widely used stablecoins across multiple payment platforms and financial applications. Deposits and withdrawals of Algorand versions of USDC and USDT are expected to be in the top 3 in the entire network. The expansion of USDC and USDT support on MEXC marks a major milestone for stablecoin accessibility to users worldwide. By leveraging the Algorand high-performance network, users on MEXC can amplify the potential utility of stablecoins for enterprises and institutions. In one of his interviews, MEXC CEO John Chen Ju made it clear that: “MEXC is continuously pushing boundaries, while holding on to its values and beliefs. Fruitful partnerships with valuable players of the crypto-sphere will drive the industry forward and only time will show the devotion and professionalism MEXC continuously offers” Algorand: A Fast, Scalable Smart Contracts Blockchain After the first public chain appeared which offered support for stablecoins, other emerging networks with better transaction scale and speed have begun to gain traction in the space as well. In Feb 2020, stablecoin operator Tether announced the launch of USDT on Algorand . Several months later, Algorand became the second major blockchain network after Ethereum to expand support for USDC after the stablecoin experienced over 3x growth in just six months. USDC is now one of the most widely used stablecoins with over 24 billion in circulation. The cost of using USDT or USDC depends on the chain on which the stablecoin functions. In the recent past, Ethereum, a proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain, has experienced a surge in demand amid the ongoing DeFi boom. Consequently, gas fees and network congestion are at record high levels, making transacting with ETH-based versions of USDT and USDC very costly and prohibitive for smaller, everyday transactions. As a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain, Algorand can scale to support the transaction throughputs needed to process the high-seed, high-volume demands of modern finance. The network also offers transaction finality, near-instant settlement (<4.5 seconds), and significantly lower transaction costs than PoW blockchains like Ethereum. Finally, the network’s infrastructure integrates robust core security. These features make Algorand the blockchain of the future and have contributed to an increase in stablecoin use on the platform. Yieldly: First project on Algorand to be listed on MEXC Global MEXC will also undertake another world-first and list the leading Algorand DeFi project Yieldly $YDLY as the first native Algorand DEFI token to list anywhere in the world. Yieldly is one of DeFi industry’s fastest growing project with over $25m TVL, 150,000+ transactions and 10,000+ users. Yieldly Founder, CEO, Sebastian commented “Yieldly is delighted to join forces with one of the leading and fastest growing exchanges in the world, MEXC Global. We look forward to MEXC’s users being able to experience Yieldly’s world leading DeFi ecosystem on Algorand network.” MEXC Global: A Limitless Trading Experience MEXC Global (previously MXC Exchange) is a Singapore-based centralized crypto trading platform bringing a wide array of crypto-related services to users.  The MEXC team is committed to expanding its crypto trading services into the global market as the exchange strives to provide the best offerings in the crypto world.
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A lot has transpired in the crypto market since Bitcoin's anonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, first introduced the world to blockchain technology. The market has evolved from a few coins, mostly representing currencies, into a vast industry. Today, there are cryptocurrencies geared towards many different purposes.
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